Immigration detainees stand behind bars at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Florence, Arizona, Feb. 28, 2013. John Moore/Getty Images

A repeat of a 2010 nationwide boycott in Arizona would take place in the event a controversial new immigration-centered bill is signed into law, pro-immigrant groups in the state threatened Wednesday. Senate Bill 1377 would mandate undocumented immigrants convicted of certain crimes be ineligible for parole, forcing them to serve their entire sentences. The Somos America Coalition protesting the legislation consists of two separate organizations that have reminded Gov. Doug Ducey of what happened six years ago when similar efforts resulted in a boycott.

“During the boycott, Arizona’s business community eventually delivered a clear message to the Legislature’s leadership to reject any further anti-Latino and anti-immigrant policies,” the Somos America Coalition said in a letter to Ducey cited by the Associated Press. “Regrettably, the Legislature is once again promoting extremist public policy shamelessly aimed at making life so miserable for undocumented immigrants that they will self-deport.”

Senate Bill 1377 is just one of a handful of measures the Somos America Coalition has identified as being anti-immigrant in nature. Various groups in the state, including the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, have expressed opposition to a potential boycott, saying it would be counterproductive to the protesters’ cause.

“We condemn any discussion of an Arizona boycott. Boycotts only hurt our economy, negatively impact hardworking Arizonans and divide our citizens,” the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Greater Phoenix Leadership said in a joint statement, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. “Instead of trying to damage our state’s economy and reputation, they should be focused on constructive solutions that bring Arizonans together.”

Senate Bill 1377 was proposed after an undocumented immigrant last year killed a convenience store clerk while he was out on bail related to a separate crime.

“It’s a good first step in the right direction of protecting families like [the clerk’s],” state Sen. Steve Smith, the Republican who sponsored the bill, told KTAR-FM in Glendale, Arizona. The Somos America Coalition begs to differ, however.

“The passage and signing of these bigoted proposals would be an unforgivably shortsighted affront to the best interest of Arizonans by triggering the resumption of the nationwide Boycott Arizona Campaign,” said Roberto Reveles, the coalition’s founding president.