Douglas Nyback as Roger
Roger (Douglas Nyback) intimidates Elena (Denyse Tontz) to get intel about Ben (Sean Teale) in the trailer for Season 1, episode 5 of “Incorporated.” Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy

Roger (Douglas Nyback) finally comes face to face with Elena (Denyse Tontz) in the trailer for Season 1, episode 5 of “Incorporated.”

In the 20-second preview clip, Elena finds out that she’s meeting Roger not for her service as a prostitute but for intel that he can use against Ben Larson (Sean Teale), who is his strongest competitor for a highly coveted position in Spiga’s influential and powerful 40th Floor.

In last night’s episode 4, entitled “Cost Containment,” Roger asked his father George (Mark Moses) to get him access to Elena and in return agreed to convince his brother Mitchell (Jordan Van Dyck) to leave the Caplan Estate and get treatment at Windrush Center.

A long time ago, Mitchell received a neural implant that severely damaged his brain’s amygdala. Since then, he has refused to leave the family house and has spent most of his time locked up in his room alone, solving mathematical equations and creating dozens of origami cranes.

Roger was able to convince his brother to get treatment by appealing to their mutual hatred of their father. Roger also promised Mitchell to exile George — along with his new wife and bio-engineered baby — to the Red Zone once he gets the promotion on the 40th floor.

Roger knows that he won’t get any valuable information about Ben from Elena just by talking to her, so he decides to intimidate her using some force as seen in the trailer.

“You’re just a piece of company property. If you don’t answer, I start carving,” Roger threatens Elena as he wields a corkscrew.

Ben, meanwhile, pays Theo (Eddie Ramos) a visit immediately after seeing Elena in the flesh for the first time after so many years.

“I saw her Theo. There’s 20 feet away from her,” Ben, who also goes by the name Aaron, tells Elena’s younger brother.

When Theo tells Ben to rescue Elena once and for all, the Spiga employee says he has a plan.

“Incorporated” Season 1, episode 5, entitled “Profit and Loss,” airs on Wednesday, Dec. 28, at 10 p.m. EST on Syfy. Check out the trailer and synopsis for the episode below:

“Ben improvises when Roger closes in on the truth about Elena; Laura Larson (Allison Miller) takes her therapy to the next level; Elizabeth Krauss (Julia Ormond) pressures Ben to finish a vital project; Julian (Dennis Haysbert) helps a friend in need.”