The Incredibles
Characters from the 2004 film "The Incredibles": From left are 10-year old Dash, teenager Violet, strong and heroic Mr. Incredible and ultra-flexible Elastigirl. Reuters

The sequel of “The Incredibles” is in works. Brad Bird is reportedly writing the script, and shared some details during the premiere of his film “Tomorrowland.”

According to him a lot has changed in the entertainment industry since “The Incredibles” came out in 2004. “A lot of superhero films have been made since ‘Incredibles’ and it is kind of like an athletic field that’s just kind of dried up dirt now, with a few clumps of grass. And I think the challenge is, how do you step outside of that and say, ‘Hey, there’s another place for our heroes to go.’ So that’s kind of the challenge,” he said while speaking to IGN.

He also added that he likes the characters in “The Incredibles” but he wants to have a surprise element in the sequel. Bird said today's audiences have high expectations for superhero films. “I want them [the audience] to zig when they should be zagging,” he added.

Bird said “The Incredibles 2” will deal with aspects left unexplored in “The Incredibles,” reported Collider. “The Incredibles” was a major box office hit and same would be expected from the sequel.

“The Incredibles” revolved around a family of superheroes who keep their superpowers hidden until they have to save the humanity from an evil villain and his robot. The film made $631 million worldwide and gained much praise from critics for its brilliant storytelling. It also won many awards.

John Walker produced the film and it starred Craig T. Nelson, Jason Lee Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Samuel L. Jackson and Elizabeth Peña. It is not known who will be cast in “The Incredibles 2.”

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