An infant was found abandoned in a bag in front of a church in Tryon, North Carolina, on Friday.

In a press release, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said the infant was found abandoned in a black bag “ in the parking lot of the Trinity Lutheran Church.”

“The infant is currently under medical care and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the circumstances leading to the infant being discarded in such a manner,” the statement said, adding that no additional information can be released at the moment.

Officials were now seeking public help.

“We are seeking any information or tips from the public regarding this investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Pam Cannon through the Polk County Communications Center at (828)-894-0188,” the statement said.

The incident comes days after a newborn baby was found abandoned inside a plastic bag in Marshville, North Carolina. Union County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a home after receiving a report that a newborn child was around. The officers heard a baby’s cries. While searching near the fence of the home, the officers found the newborn boy inside a plastic bag. The bag was hidden under leaves. The baby, with the placenta still attached, was transported to a nearby hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

baby feet
Representational image of baby's feet. A father stabbed his two children in Ilford, London, before stabbing himself. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images