Scott Marshall
Scott Marshall, winner of Season 4 of Spike TV's "Ink Master," has died. He was 41. Spike

Scott Marshall, winner of Season 4 of Spike's "Ink Master," has died. That esteemed tattooist was 41 years old. Coroner's are working tirelessly to determine his exact cause of his death.

"Spike and the entire 'Ink Master' family are stunned and saddened by the news of Scott's passing," Spike said in a statement to International Business Times. "He was a great competitor and talented artist. Our deepest condolences go out to the Marshall family and friends."

TMZ reports Marshall placed a call to his wife, Johanna Marshall, claiming he wasn't feeling well Saturday night. He was at his tattoo shop just outside Chicago at the time. Rather than travel all the way home, Scott decided to get a hotel nearby. Johanna told TMZ she placed several calls to her husband the following day, but received no answer, which created concern. Later that day she was greeted by a pair of police officers at her front door, telling her that her husband had died.

Scott is said to have gone peacefully in his sleep. At this time it is not clear what caused his death, though preliminary autopsy reports suggest it was linked to his heart. His death is being investigated further, according to both the coroner and local police.

"Ink Master" judge Dave Navarro shared the news with fans on Twitter Tuesday. He said he was "very sad" to be passing along the message, sending condolences to Scott's family.

Scott won "Ink Master" in 2014. He took home a $100,000 prize, unlimited bragging rights, and landed himself a feature in Inked Magazine. He is survived by his wife and three children.