• Timothy Russell Moses died on the same day he entered prison to serve 25 years for the machete killing of his roommate
  • Authorities are investigating Moses' unexpected passing
  • Moses reportedly struck his roommate about 20 times with the machete because he was irritated

Timothy Russell Moses, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Donald Trammell with a machete in 2017, died unexpectedly just hours after he started his 300-month incarceration.

According to Kansas newspaper The Wichita Eagle, the 60-year old inmate died in the afternoon of Tuesday, his first day of serving jail time. He died at the El Dorado Correctional Facility and an autopsy is being planned to find out the official cause of death.

An investigation has been launched by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to determine the events that transpired before Moses’ unexpected passing.

Moses was charged with second-degree murder for the machete-killing of Trammell. The suspect reportedly hit his roommate with a machete 20 times, causing the latter’s death.

A probable cause affidavit revealed in May 2017 the argument that transpired between the roommates at the time of Trammell’s gruesome death. According to the Parsons Sun, Moses told local police that he was annoyed with Trammell when he took a machete from the kitchen and struck the latter.

A number of witnesses also came forth at that time, revealing to the police that they saw Moses striking Trammell at the front yard of their residence. The victim reportedly tried to defend himself but to no avail.

Witnesses said Moses only stopped striking Trammell when he noticed that his roommate was no longer moving and unresponsive.

News of Moses’ death came days after Eh Lar Doh Htoo was found guilty by reason of insanity by Craven County Resident Superior Court Judge Josh Wiley. Htoo was charged in March 2015 for the killing of three boys aged between one and 12 with a machete.

According to NBC affiliate WITN-TV, doctors already determined in 2015 that Htoo was not fit to stand trial and was put on antipsychotic medication. His insanity hearings kicked off last month.

Doctors said until Htoo proves that he has overcome schizophrenia and will no longer put others in danger, he will remain at the Central Regional Hospital for further monitoring, Craven County District Attorney Scott Thomas explained.

Meanwhile, 72-year-old Joseph Neumann remains under medical monitoring and treatment following the machete spree during a Hanukkah celebration of Orthodox Jews in late December in New York. His daughter, Nicky Kohen, told CNN that the initial prognosis on Neumann was not good but that he was showing signs of recovery.

Neumann was among five people injured but he received the most hits by the man who unexpectedly entered the residence where the celebration was being held and started attacking people with an 18-inch machete.