An Atlanta inmate’s Facebook livestream from prison went viral after he appeared to confess involvement in an Ohio shooting, according to reports.

Inmate Joe L. Fletcher, incarcerated at a federal prison in Atlanta, recorded a 50-minute live video on Saturday, in which he ate snacks and sipped from a soda can as he boasted about being involved in a shooting that left one man dead. He added that he "run(s) Akron."

Meanwhile, another prisoner is serving a 17-year sentence for the deadly shooting of 19-year-old LaDonte Smith in September 2011, the Atlantic Journal-Constitution reported. Anthony Smart pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2012.

"Everybody knows I did it," Fletcher said, as he mimicked pulling the trigger of a gun. "I did it." Fletcher was convicted of illegally possessing a firearm in March 2015 and was sentenced to 39 months in federal prison and three years of probation. He reportedly asked to serve his sentence in Georgia or North Carolina where his family resides. His scheduled release is May 16.

The video, which garnered over 8,000 views as of Thursday, prompted an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The video raised safety concerns as the prison launched a crackdown on contraband.

"And we will take action based on our findings, including referring for prosecution, if needed," agency officials said in a statement, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the wake of the video, Smith’s mother, Lashoane Andrus, has demanded justice. She wants her son’s murder case reopened, the Beacon Journal reported.

"What more evidence do I need? He said he shot him," Andrus said of Fletcher. "That should be enough." Andrus said she planned to organize a protest in March outside of the Akron Police station.

"I want the person who did it," she said.

An Atlanta prisoner recorded a livestream in which he appeared to confess to crimes. Getty Images