• InnerSloth is working on new things to add to "Among Us"
  • These include a new map and a few new features
  • An accident reveals the update will also include new cosmetic accessories

InnerSloth promised that it is working on new content that will be added to popular multiplayer title “Among Us.” These include a new map as well as new features. An update released by accident, however, indicates that the developers are preparing more things for fans.

InnerSloth recently released a software update for the Nintendo Switch, which includes new hats, skins and pets, several posts on Reddit said. One Redditor noted that these aren’t available for purchase on the Switch just yet, indicating that the details might have been released by accident.

TechRaptor reached out to InnerSloth to ask for clarification about the said unintentional update.

The developers gave the tech site a hopeful reply, saying: "I see that you've received some reports from other Nintendo users seeing new features in the app … we have not yet launched the next update as we are still working on it."

This reply, which is but part of the entire statement the team sent to the outlet, indicates that indeed fans can expect to see more than just a new game map when the new update arrives. The thing is, currently, a release date remains unknown. It appears that the update is still hiding inside vents.

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Among Us Innersloth

What’s coming in the future

As of now, all that’s known is that InnerSloth is working on a new map called “The Airship.” It is also working on new features, such as an Accounts system that will let players keep a record of their stats in the game.

The new Airship map is based on one of the team’s previous titles, “Henry Stickmin Collection.” It will be the largest map for “Among Us” yet.

The Airship features many new details not seen in previous maps. It will have ladders that players can climb up and down to reach certain areas. It will also include moving platforms players will need to use to go places.

The new map also features some corners that could be used for different purposes, depending on the players’ roles. Impostors can use them to set up ambushes, while Crewmates can use them to hide or monitor potential Impostor kills.

InnerSloth hasn’t said when it will actually release the new map. Community organizer Victoria Tran hinted that development takes a lot of time because of several reasons. What’s sure, at the moment, is that it will arrive soon and will be of good quality.