Kris Jenner’s zen-themed home is a real sanctuary. But aside from that, it also houses a master closet full of the momager’s collection of designer’s bag and shoes.

There’s no need to wonder how momma Jenner’s house look from the inside. Take a peak of her lavish home in Hidden Hills through a  video posted by Architectural Digest in YouTube.



Jenner envisioned her house as Zen-like refuge and her lavish home is an epitome of that, Fancy Pants Homes reported. During Jenner’s open door video, she expressed her love for the house because of its open floor plan making her feel zen and relaxed.

Jenner had previously shared her fascination with fire places and her fans can find one in her living room. She said that she admired the mixture of the colors in the living area because it made her feel calm.

Jenner loves dining rooms too and what one can find in this area is a Yoshimoto Nara work hanging on the wall. She also revealed that she bought the fancy Charlotte Perriand’s credenza from Ellen DeGeneres.

Jenner explicitly repeated the word calm, acknowledging her need for it in her hectic lifestyle. Hence, she wanted her house as a source of that. She explained that she no longer enjoys going out as much as she used to and since her job was chaotic and she’s always running a million miles an hour, she wanted her house to feel like sanctuary, Architectural Digest reported.

Jenner’s house also has what she calls a great room. It opens to the pool through a huge sliding glass door. She loves this part of the house because it’s open and it’s where everybody can get together.

Momager Jenner also has a Lalanne sheep in her great room. But be warned because if someone sits on it it’ll make her cranky.

Jenner’s love for arts and crafts is also evident in her terrace where she has Willy Guhl chairs and antique stone tables. Another Yoshimoto Nara artwork can be also found in the master bedroom along with customized bed, side tables and benches.

Jenner said the heart of the house is the kitchen. She also mentioned that her favorite thing in her home was the piano situated beneath the staircase. Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West gave it to her as a Christmas present.

Clements Design and Waldo’s Designs designed Jenner’s master closet. Walking inside the closet would feel like one is strolling in a department store full of designer bags, shoes and accessories.

Apparently, Jenner would have to leave her sanctuary for a while to go out-of-town. Kris, together with Kylie, Travis Scott, Stormi Webster, Scott Disick, Sofia Richie and Corey Gamble, boarded the plane to celebrate cosmetic mogul’s 22nd birthday bash, TMZ reported.