Suchet Dhindsa Salvesen is a successful business executive and the chief financial and operating officer at Everipedia, a globally recognized company. Everipedia is by far the second-largest encyclopedia by content and was the first encyclopedia to store all content on a blockchain to make it immutable. A business executive, Suchet has formerly worked with other top personalities in the business community, including the founder of Wikipedia, Dr. Larry Sanger, who helped develop Everipedia's contributor policy.

Suchet's passion and love for the commercial world make him stand out as one of the best business leaders in the world. He took a huge chance by leaving a stable job in Norway in pursuit of his business exploits. Suchet went ahead joined a young start-up in the US because he wanted to learn more about blockchain technology.

Suchet was also driven by his desire to leave a mark as someone who championed making public information censorship-resistant. He believes that censorship of public information is an injustice to the residents of the particular countries involved. Presently, the censorship of Wikipedia has happened in many countries, including China, France, Germany, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Venezuela. Suchet's goal is to make sure everyone in the world has access to the same information and equal access to education.

Suchet Dhindsa Salvesen

Suchet has since grown to become a successful business person with numerous thriving ventures. He co-founded Flexspace, a tech-based company in Norway that is helping companies find suitable flexi offices in Norway and the Netherlands. Flexspace has since dominated the Norwegian market space, and they are currently eyeing to expand into other marketplaces. The company plans to move into Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany, and France in 2022.

His biggest challenge as an entrepreneur was establishing and managing a company that only employed people with mental health issues, chronic pain, and drug addiction in Norway. It was challenging getting people to show up for work, and there was always someone that needed extra attention, motivation, and help solving tasks. At the time, Suchet was also running the business alone, making it was extremely challenging.

Suchet eventually hired a competent board to help him manage the venture, got the local social authorities involved in the project to fund salaries, and eventually employed a lot of the people full-time. The project helped these people feel loved and appreciated and also provided them with self-esteem and a well-paying job.

According to Suchet, life is a continuous learning process, and every experience you have is a valuable lesson. Failure implies you have learned what to correct and what to avoid moving forward. He wants you to always focus on your prior experiences first to see if you can recall similar scenarios and improve your present.

"As an executive, I sometimes need to make quick decisions, and running through my experience library is a good way to gain quick knowledge in any given situation," says Suchet.