"Insidious" is coming back to theaters on Friday, Sept. 13, (how fitting) to satiate thrill-seekers once more. The millions who checked out “The Conjuring” over the past two weekends were greeted with the creepy “Insidious 2” trailer. But the international trailer that has just been released got people talking even more.

The U.S. trailer, which was played during ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode on Tuesday and set Twitter ablaze, focuses on the Lambert family in their new house and the hauntings that follow them there with their new child. Patrick Wilson, who is making a name for himself in the horror genre after his role in “The Conjuring” and second appearance in “Insidious,” seems to be the major focus of the second film as opposed to his son being the one that is haunted.

As is in most movies involving spirits, children are more susceptible to paranormal activity and it’s a major theme in “Insidious.” The children are the ones who are generally picked on by the ghouls, so at the end of the first movie, when Josh Lambert seems to be haunted by the creepy old lady from the other world, it comes off as perplexing.

But in the international trailer for “Insidious 2,” fans find out why Josh became a target even as an adult. As a child, he too was haunted by the dead old woman. Though it was insinuated in the first movie, moviegoers will get a look at exactly what happened to young Josh, as well as what is happening with the Lamberts' new home and new family member.

Rose Byrne joins the film to play Josh’s wife Renai once more, and Barbara Hershey again plays Josh’s mother Lorraine.

Check out the extended trailer below, which gives viewers a look at Josh’s childhood: