Rumors that Instagram is looking to add a feature that notifies users when others have taken a screenshot reignited in the past several weeks. The Next Web reported that not only is the social media company and Snapchat competitor looking to add the screenshot notification but also a feature called "Type" for written stories.

The features were only available to limited users in Japan and only notifies users after the second time someone screenshots their story, The Next Web reported.

Instagram is not commenting on the screenshot notifications, a spokesperson for Instagram told International Business Times Thursday. The company was not commenting on whether the notifications were in the testing phase and if so, whether they would be for stories, posts, or direct messaged that were screengrabbed.

Currently, the app does not give all users any sort of notification when their posts or stories are screengrabbed, a feature that is incorporated into the Instagram competitor Snapchat.

Users were not excited about the idea of these notifications.

As usual, users wanted their feed to go back to being in chronological order instead of the other updates Instagram announced or was rumored to be working on.

It's been discovered that Instagram has been testing out a lot of new features. Instagram