International Men's Day is observed annually on Nov. 19 to honor the achievements and contributions of men and boys across the world. The day is also celebrated to focus on the health and wellbeing of men, improve gender relations and promote gender equality.

The day was founded Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a history professor at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad & Tobago, in the year 1999.

Here are some quotes, courtesy of Good Reads to share with the men in your life:

1. "A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality." - John F Kennedy

2. "Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice." - Vin Diesel

3. "A man must at times be hard as nails: willing to face up to the truth about himself…But he must also be tender. No weapon will breach the armor of a woman’s resentment like tenderness." - Elisabeth Elliot

4. "A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means." - Sallust

5. "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

6. "But know this. Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus. Do not fall for categories. Everyone is everything. Every ingredient inside a star is inside you, and every personality that ever existed competes in the theatre of your mind for the main role." - Matt Haig

7. “A woman simply is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from a woman, and it confirmed only by other men. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.” – Camille Paglia

8. "If boys don’t learn, men won’t know." – Douglas Wilson

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