Park County, Colorado, -- A Colorado man broke into a police station in an intoxicated state and burglarized a marked patrol car. The 33-year-old man drove away with the stolen car but got arrested after he responded to a 911 call, police said.

Jeremiah James Taylor, who was already on probation for menacing, theft, and DUI, broke into a Park County Sheriff's substation early Monday morning, Teller County Sheriff's office said in a news release

After Taylor took away the patrol car, he received a radio call for "domestic violence in progress" at 3:27 a.m., over the police radio system in Teller County, just east of Park County. With the vehicle siren on, Taylor was the first to respond to the home in Florissant, police said, USA Today reported.

Taylor reportedly jumped out of the squad car and asked the residents: "Where’s the old man that’s going to shoot someone?" NY Post reported.

Meanwhile, the dispatchers informed the Teller County officers that "a Park County sheriff" who appeared intoxicated came to the scene in a "damaged" squad car.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they saw Taylor with the damaged squad car. Although the officers asked Taylor to step out of the vehicle, he sped away to a nearby highway resulting in a high-speed police chase.

Eventually, Taylor's vehicle crashed, and he then attempted to flee into the woods. When the officers spotted him, Taylor pulled out a knife, forcing the officers to deploy a taser on him. However, the taser failed to stop Taylor, and the officers fired a gun.

Taylor was taken into custody and shifted to a hospital with "self-inflicted knife wounds," police said.

Taylor is now held on a $12,000 bond and faces multiple charges including aggravated motor vehicle theft, second-degree burglary, vehicular eluding and impersonating a peace officer, among other misdemeanor counts.

"The Lake George substation is now secure and the investigation is underway. We are glad no one was injured and appreciate Teller County bringing this suspect in," Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the officer who fired the shot is being investigated by the First Judicial District Attorney’s Critical Incident Response Team.

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