An intoxicated woman heading to Orlando from Anchorage, Alaska, was escorted off the plane Thursday morning in Seattle for using a lighter, according to Alaska Airlines and KIRO, a CBS affiliate in Seattle.

Passengers witnessed the woman's attempts to ignite the lighter to use it as a light source despite a flight attendant's orders to stop.

The woman reportedly brought her own alcohol aboard. She was escorted off the plane at Sea-Tac Airport and will not face charges. 

While lighters are allowed on commercial flights, it is under certain regulations that they are permitted. Butane, disposable and Zippo-type lighters are all allowed in carry-on bags or directly on the person, however, cannot be ignited during the duration of the flight, according to Transportation Security Administration and Department of Transportation regulations. 

Alaska Airlines was not available for comment at the time this article was published. 

This is not the only incident this year of an unruly passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight. In January, an unidentified woman had to be escorted off a flight from Baltimore to Seattle for verbal harassment toward a Donald Trump supporter. 

The Trump supporter recorded the majority of the interaction and posted the video on Facebook. The video later went viral.