iOS 10 for iPhone
Apple is officially rolling out iOS 10 for its mobile devices. Twitter/Apple Support

Apple has officially released its all-new iOS 10 for its mobile devices, with support for a slew of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. For users who have yet to install the new operating system, here’s a breakdown of its new features and improved implementations.

Apple is calling iOS 10 its “biggest release ever” and this is not at all surprising, given the major updates it provides for the mobile interface and a number of apps and features like Messages, Apple Music, Maps, Photos, Siri and Apple Pay. It even has support for a number of third-party apps.

The most obvious improved implementation with iOS 10 is the redesigned Lock screen, which according to MacRumors now has support for 3D Touch-enabled notifications, a new widgets screen and a shortcut to the Camera app. The redesigned Lock screen has long been outed by previously released iOS 10 betas during the beta testing phase of the mobile OS. 3D Touch support is also extended to the improved Control Center.

The Maps and Apple Music apps have also been redesigned, so they function with cleaner and minimalist interfaces that make the user experience more straightforward. Despite the simpler interface, the two also get new features. Maps now has proactive suggestions, while Apple Music gets content discovery features, such as the “My New Music Mix,” and enhanced lyrics feature.

Since the Messages app is said to be the most frequently used app on iOS devices, iOS 10 has done something to it that would definitely make messaging more enjoyable. As per Apple Insider, the new Messages comes with dynamic text bubbles, emoji enhancements, support for rich links with images and graphic embellishments via the SDK and app store that provides Messages with “iMessage Apps.”

In addition, Apple is introducing a dedicated Home app via iOS 10, and it is designed to give users central control over HomeKit accessories. This Home app has support for iPhones, iPads and even the Apple Watch, so users can manage and control HomeKit accessories quite easily. Apple even says users can now control accessories even when they are outside their house.

A new feature that comes with iOS 10 allows users to hide stock iOS apps. According to Apple Insider these apps that can be concealed from the user interface and not necessarily deleted from the system include: Calculator, iCloud Drive, Voice Memos, Calendar, Weather, iBooks, News, Podcasts, Contacts, FaceTime, Reminders, Sock, Mail, Music and the iTunes Store, among others.

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