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Modiface augmented reality technology will enhance shopping experiences on iPhones with iOS 11. Modiface

Not all makeup shoppers have time to go to the mall and try on lipsticks and eyeshadows, which means they end up buying online. Sometimes purchasing items online can be a hassle, since product images are too small and you can’t try on beauty items to see how the colors will match your skin. However, iOS 11 technology could help out makeup shoppers.

iOS 11 will bring augmented reality to iPhone and iPod owners, and developers are already creating AR products for when the update releases in the fall.

One of the companies that will release AR technology with iOS 11 is Modiface. Using Apple’s ARKit, Modiface, a company that focuses on facial visualization and skin analysis, developed augmented reality technology that will allow people to shop at home just like if the were shopping at a store.

Modiface announced its AR technology for the upcoming iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPads Tuesday. The technology allow makeup and skincare care consumers to virtually try out and buy products using their iOS device.

How To Use AR Technology To Buy Makeup

With iOS 11, Modiface AR technology works by combining the front camera and external camera, which uses ARKit. You’ll be able to see makeup products displayed in front of you with the back camera, similar to how you use Snap filters. iOS 11 users will be able to walk up to a virtual beauty counter with products laid in front of them or see them displayed in a gallery mode, which Modiface CEO Parham Aarabi describes as “a half stonehenge.” The way products are displayed will depend on how companies choose, but Aarabi assures there will be plenty of ideas.

Aarabi showed International Business Times a demo of how counter and gallery spaces would look like.

To shop in a virtual beauty store, users will need to take a selfie, which is then processed with different makeup and skincare products and rendered on the image. You’ll then be able to see numerous beauty products and a virtual screen alongside the items that shows your selfie with the product already applied. You’ll also have the ability to zoom in and out on certain products.

“You’ll be able to move your device to look at a product, walk around and focus on the reviews,” he explained. “You almost get this feel that this is part of the real world.”

The galleries, which Aarabi says are the most “interesting,” display the product’s name, brand, reviews and show how the products will look like on the user.

“Laid out gives more space to see what shades work best for you,” said Aarabi about the virtual displays. He also pointed out the extensive information that is displayed, which will help consumers see what they’re buying.

For those who are intimated about AR technology, Aarabi assured it’s not that hard.

“[It’s] very easy for them to use,” he said. “We humans see the world in 3-dimensional way, so it feels very natural.”

As for the next step, Modiface is working on skincare and makeup recommendations, what shades fit best for each customer.

“For skin diagnosis and skin assessment, we’re there,” said Aarabi. For recommendations, product usage history is needed, which will take more time, but “all the dots will be connected,” he said.

Modiface will work to provide augmented reality technology to companies like Sephora that will allow users to shop at home using iOS 11. Modiface has previously worked on augmented reality technology. It currently offers products like Modiface Live, real-time video and photo that allows consumers to see how makeup, hair and skin items will look on them by using simulations.

Modiface has partnered with close to 75 companies, and is hoping to continue to work with them as iOS 11 launches. One of the companies Modiface has worked with before is Estee Lauder, by providing web AR technology that lets customers shopping on the company’s site to see how a certain lipstick will look like on them by using a computer’s camera. Modiface also worked with Sephora and provided them with in-store AR mirror software.

Apple announced its ARKit toolset in June at it Worldwide Developers Conference. The ARKit allows developers to build AR apps for iPhones and iPads. Modiface is certain that the use of its technology will increase when iOS 11 is released.

CEO Tim Cook also promised higher numbers of AR use. During an earnings call this summer, Cook said the ARKit has “captured the imagination” of the developer community, adding that “iOS will become the biggest AR platform as soon as iOS 11 shows.”