Apple has added some new features to the Control Center app as of the iOS 13 update. The app received a lot of new features which allow the user to customize their iPhones and iPads further. What’s new in the Control Center for the iOS 13 update.

Control Customization

In the Settings menus, going to Control Center and checking out its Customize Controls options will allow users to check on which features are activated for the specified app. A long list will be shown to the user and be allowed to tick which ones would be shown or hidden when the Control Center app is activated.

Users will have to put a positive ticker on the app features the want to appear and keep the minus sign on those apps they prefer not to be around. All of these Control Center apps are built-in features for the iOS and Apple devices. No third-party apps can be found in the Control Center.

Dark Mode

Activating Dark Mode is a must for users who dislike the sudden shine of a bright background when using their devices after a long time. Through the Control Center settings, it could be ticked on and easily accessible in the specified app.

Turning the feature on would allow the device to shift between Dark Mode and the regular Light mode easily without having to find it through the Settings menus.

Quick Access Cards

Even after choosing them in the settings menus, the Control Center also allows its users to collect and categorize these features into cards. Apple’s Control Center card system allows users to line up and organize which apps would go together for a quicker setup that they would easily find features in.

Quick Notes

Lastly, the Notes app can also be set to be usable even without unlocking your phone. Through the Settings app, the Notes options will have the “Access Notes from Lock Screen.” Once this feature is activated, the Notes app can be opened from the unlock screen much like emergency calls.

Overall, the new iOS 13 update provides new features that provide shortcuts for quicker navigation and feature use without having to dig them out of layers of Settings menus.