• Apple improved Siri in iOS 14
  • The digital assistant now has a more compact interface
  • Siri also has new abilities such as getting cycling directions

Apple included a slew of improvements and enhancements in iOS 14, so that it can deliver the best iPhone user experience yet. Some of the enhancements are improvements to the digital assistant, Siri.

Apple's digital assistant now has a smaller user interface for iPhone users. Previously, Siri's interface occupied a lot of space on the iPhone screen, preventing users from seeing other things while interacting with the digital assistant.

The Cupertino tech giant shrunk the interface down, so that it will occupy a tiny area on the display, allowing users to see other things while interacting with Siri. Users will now be able to view messages, watch videos, surf the web, and so on, while the digital assistant is active and informing them of other things.

Apple also improved Siri's knowledge base, so that it will be able to do more things and answer more questions. It will then display responses to users' queries via a small notification box at the top of the screen, so that it will not distract users from whatever it is on display. Users will be able to experience these improvements when they ask Siri to do something.

Siri on iPhone 4S
Siri on iPhone 4S Reuters

Enjoying Siri's improvements

  • First, users should invoke Siri. Users can simply say, “Hey Siri,” if verbal triggers are enabled. Otherwise, users should press and hold the Home or Side button, depending on the iPhone model to activate the digital assistant.
  • Users should say their queries once Siri becomes active, then stop speaking when finished. Siri will then perform tasks or answer questions depending on the user's query.
  • If Siri tends to time out too quickly, users can extend the length of time they can ask queries by holding down on the Home or Side button while speaking. Releasing the button tells Siri that the user is done speaking.

Siri will display query results via the more compact interface shown at the top of the screen. This window will still function the same way as before, but those who are used to the older, bigger interface will have to learn to use the smaller, simpler look.

Apple also improved Siri so that it can send audio messages, translate foreign languages, get cycling directions, and share ETAs with others, with as little effort as possible.