While most of the country was following the Super Tuesday primaries Tuesday night, “The Daily Show” host was talking about Iowa. However, it was not the February Iowa Caucus that had the comedian worked up, it was a new bill that would allow children to use handguns. 

Noah dedicated the main segment of his show Tuesday to criticizing a bill that passed the Iowa House of Representatives and will go before the state Senate. The bill would remove limitations on children under the age of 14 using handguns with direct adult supervision — it is already legal in Iowa for children to use long guns to hunt or shoot target practice. 

“Beliebers vs. Directioners is going to get a whole lot more interesting,” Noah joked, referencing the sometimes-feuding fanbases of teen pop stars Justin Bieber and One Direction. “And you thought teenagers could hurt each other with tweets.”

The comedian mocked the law's stipulation that adults monitoring children using handguns must maintain “visual and verbal contact at all times,” underscoring his point with a montage of videos showing children of various ages throwing temper tantrums. 

Noah went on to critique the potential hypocrisy of the bill saying, “Some guy picked up the phone and called a lawmaker and said, ‘Hey, my kids need guns,’ and they were like, ‘Done.’ And everyday in America parents are calling lawmakers saying that their kids are dying from guns and lawmakers are like, ‘Can you hold?’”


Iowa Republican state Rep. Guy Vander Linden defended the bill, telling the state's KNIA/KRLS News radio station, “[The bill] allows parents to exercise their right to train their children to use handguns, in essence, which they can do already with long guns. The hoopla was all about 1 and 2 year olds using guns — that’s not going to happen. If we have parents that are that irresponsible, making it illegal isn’t going to deter them either.”

The bill passed the Republican-controlled state House of Representatives, but is not expected to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate.