iPad Pro Price
Apple's 12.9-inch tablet -- the anticipated iPad Pro -- will begin at $799 for the 32GB and go all the way up to $1079 for the 128GB model with LTE. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple's long-awaited iPad Pro, rumored to be unveiled Wednesday, will scrap the widely hated 16GB storage size on the base model, according to a new report. Sources speaking to 9to5Mac said that Apple is preparing to offer a base model storage capacity of 64GB on its 12.9-inch tablet, with a 128GB model also in the cards.

Apple has come under fire for refusing to raise the storage sizes on its cheapest iOS devices, with critics complaining that in an age of high-res video and demanding apps, 16GB is no longer enough. Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing senior vice president, explained in June that the company believes that as consumers use iCloud services more and more, the need for on-device storage is shrinking.

The device will not be an entry-level tablet, however, with prices expected to compare with Apple's latest MacBooks on the more expensive LTE variants. A new Apple-designed iPad stylus and keyboard will be sold separately. At this stage, it is unclear whether the keyboard will double as a case or whether it will be similar to the current wireless keyboard Apple sells. It is possible Apple will announce keyboards in both styles.

The 12.9-inch screen is also said to boost the split-screen capabilities introduced for the iPad Air 2 with the forthcoming iOS 9. On the iPad Pro, apps will run at full iPad size in split screen, working as if two regular iPads were placed side-by-side. The larger size also means the iPad Pro will have four speakers -- two more than usual -- but current speculation suggests there will not be a USB-C port as previously rumored.

The iPad Pro is speculated to ship in November, with preorders beginning in October. Apple's Wednesday event is also set to reveal an upgraded Apple TV, a new iPhone 6S and potentially new Apple Watch bands.