The iPhone 7 could potentially be the hottest selling iPhone of 2017. Though the iPhone 8 is now on the market consumer interest appears to be minimal as many anxiously await the iPhone X. However, Apple’s revamped smartphone may be available in limited qualities when it releases in November due to production issues. Analysts indicate there may a surge in iPhone 7 interest as consumers give up on waiting for the iPhone X and bypass the iPhone 8 for having too few innovative features. If you are a prospective iPhone owner debating on which model to buy, here are a few reasons to consider the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 is only one-year-old

Many consumers already see the launch of a new iPhone has a perfect opportunity to purchase the most recent predecessor model. Not only have iPhone 7 prices through Apple dropped ($549 starting for the iPhone 7 and $669 starting for the iPhone 7 Plus), many retailers and are also offering the device at discounted prices. Consumers could see more significant price drops on the iPhone 7, especially during Black Friday. 

iPhone 7 includes all of the iPhone 8's best features

The iPhone 7 has a similar design to the iPhone 8 and also includes Touch ID, IP67 water resistance and a dual camera with Portrait Mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. Many consumers may find the iPhone 8 doesn’t have enough upgrades to warrant its $699 starting price.

iPhone 7 is available in Black and Jet Black

The iPhone 7 is now the only iPhone available in the consumer favorite color options (matte) Black and Jet Black. Apple has also retired its famous Rose Gold color for newer devices, but consumers can still get the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE in that color option. 

iPhone 7 issues are now fixed

The iPhone 7 dealt with a lot of early adopter issues when it released in September 2016, including unexplained call disconnections and trouble with various connectivity mechanisms, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE. To purchase the iPhone 7 now means a lot of those issues have likely been resolved through software and manufacturing updates. Meanwhile, many iPhone 8 early adopters will have to navigate the issues arriving on the newly released iPhone 8. Recent reports indicate the device is experiencing a crackling earpiece issue, which Apple says will soon be fixed with a software update. However, these issues likely won’t extend to the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Runs iOS 11

Apple’s latest software, iOS 11 now available for many devices, including the iPhone 7. Many Apple fans say running newer iOS software on an older device is like getting a new coat of paint for your car. Even while lacking some design and exclusive features from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the iPhone 7 will be near identical to its predecessors in terms of user experience. The iPhone 7 will be compatible with many iOS 11 features showcased on the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, including Apple’s AR Kit, do not disturb while driving, Live Photo and a redesign of Control Center.

iPhone 7 is lighter and more durable than iPhone 8

Though the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are very similar in overall design, many consumers may appreciate that the metal body of the iPhone 7 makes it lighter than the iPhone 8, which is made completely of glass. The iPhone 7 weighs 138g, while the iPhone 8 weighs 148g. While Apple claims that the iPhone 8 is made of the strongest glass the company has ever produced, several drop tests have shown the smartphone doesn’t fare well against concrete. A cracked screen is always a risk for a smartphone user, but at least iPhone 7 users won’t have to worry about additionally destroying the back of their handset, should they choose the brave the world without a bumper or protective case.

iPhone 7 doesn’t include iPhone 8/iPhone X gimmicks

Many prospective iPhone 7 users would likely be happy to pay a cheaper price for a smartphone and miss out on the “exciting new” features on Apple’s newer smartphones. In addition to its OLED edge-to-edge display, the iPhone X also includes Face ID facial recognition and a new camera feature called Portrait Lighting. Since the iPhone X won’t release until November, several weeks remain until consumers know how well Face ID will work. Current reports indicate that manufacturing issues with the OLED display and Face ID could significantly diminish iPhone X yields. Apple has also made it clear that Portrait Lighting is still in beta and judging by reviews on the iPhone 8, the company still has a lot of work to do on this feature to get it to usual Apple standard of quality.