• Spotify has released a major update for its app
  • It adds new features and interface for the app's home screen
  • It's now available for iPhones

Spotify has rolled out a new update for the iPhone version of their app. The Spotify app will have a redesigned home screen that looks fresher and better, and the update also adds some new features for the popular music streaming app.

According to Spotify’s official post, the update will provide a new interface for the app that is aimed to help users easily return to what they were listening to before. Recently played songs, playlists and podcasts can be accessed faster with the new interface. This feature is similar to the Netflix streaming service where the app provides its users a recap list of their followed shows as its first or second row of offered shows.

Other than the new interface, the app will also now provide users with a timely greeting. Depending on when the app is opened, Spotify will greet them with a proper “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon” and “Good Evening.” Aside from simple greetings, Spotify will also have the user’s playlist ready for access at that specific time. Commuters and other users who often use Spotify as routine will love this new addition.

The update will be available for both the iPhones and Android devices. More than just adding new features, Spotify is also slowly easing itself into the iOS platform with this update. Apple is said to have been considering opening the App Store to more competition and allowing iPhone users to change preferred apps. Spotify could sync up and even allot features when it pairs up with Apple smart speakers.

The update is now live and can be updated on all compatible iOS and Android devices.