The early reactions for “IT: Chapter Two” are in. The film was screened for critics recently, and they have shared what the film is like online, without revealing any spoilers.

According to some, the sequel is not as great as the first movie, but the overall reviews by the critics are positive. According to one critic who shared her opinion on Twitter, the film is ambitious, but it doesn’t quite deliver.

The fans who were expecting stellar reviews were a little disappointed to learn that the film may not meet their expectations. However, the critics have also said many positive things as well that should make watching the film an enjoyable experience.

One common element in the reviews is the compliment about how the sequel has managed to tell the story of the Losers well, by connecting the young characters in the first film to their adult versions in the new movie.

One cast member who has been praised by many critics is Bill Hader, who plays Richie Tozier in “IT: Chapter Two.” The actor’s performance is apparently the highlight of the film that the audience will notice.

The plot is an adaptation of the second half of Stephen King’s popular horror novel. The story takes place 27 years after the first encounter against the terrifying clown in the first film. Important aspects of the story have been taken from the novel, which should make the book lovers happy.

The whole film will not be as great as the first movie, especially when it comes to the horror scenes. However, the fans will find that there are some parts of the movie that are well made.

“IT: Chapter Two” will be released on Sept. 6. The film has been directed by Andy Muschietti. Bill Skarsgård has reprised his role as the villain Pennywise.

IT Chapter Two
"IT: Chapter Two" is not as great as the first film, according to reviews. IT Movie/Facebook