Former model and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Niki Taylor gave birth to a son on Wednesday.

Baby boy Rex Harrison was born that morning weighing in at seven pounds and five ounces, People magazine reported.

This is Taylor's fourth child with husband and NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. She and Lamar also have a 2-year-old daughter. Taylor has twin 16-year-old sons from a previous marriage.

This is Taylor's second child since surviving a car crash in 2001.

Taylor underwent 41 surgeries and multiple blood transfusions during her recovery, according to a People magazine blog post. Taylor wrote blog posts for the magazine while pregnant with son, Rex.

I've got a husband who is now piloting for a living, twin teenage boys, a farm full of animals and a toddler with the energy of a super battery, she wrote on Sept. 14.

It looks as if Taylor got right down to business after giving birth.

Off to mommie late night duties, she tweeted.