• Ivanka Trump called Donald Trump on the phone every day after he and Ivana Trump divorced
  • Ivanka Trump reportedly chose Donald Trump after his parents divorced
  • Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump have an inappropriate relationship with each other

Ivanka Trump is very close to her dad, Donald Trump. In fact, she has been dubbed as the favorite daughter of the POTUS.

In the book “Kushner Inc.,” author Vicky Ward detailed how Ivanka was affected by her parents’ divorce. She said that it was evident that even though Ivana lived with her mom during that time, she didn’t want to completely cut ties with her father.

“Ivanka decided that she would go out of her way to see more of her father, not less. She made a point of dropping in on him on her way to school each day, and she’d call him during the day from a janitor’s closet — and to her delight, he’d always take her call,” she said.

Ward went on to say that Ivanka never stopped trying to please the POTUS but this may be because of the fact that she loves him and she’s also insecure about love.

After Melania Trump’s husband became the president of the United States, a slew of staff noticed how Ivanka would frequently visit her dad at the Oval Office. The first daughter usually brings her kids in tow to visit their grandfather.

Some of them have also heard Ivanka talking to the POTUS in a sing-song voice. And Trump, who thinks Ivanka is so beautiful, would ask his friends if they thought his daughter looked great.

Unfortunately, Ivanka and the POTUS’s close relationship has been dubbed as inappropriate. In the past, Trump said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he would definitely date her.

The president also made the same comment during his interview with Rolling Stone in 2015. Months later, he said that he loves it when Ivanka calls him “daddy” instead of dad.

Kirsten Powers, a USA Today columnist, also criticized the favors that Ivanka has been receiving simply because she’s the daughter of the POTUS. For instance, Ivanka was tapped to become one of Trump’s advisors even though she didn’t have enough background on the job.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump In this photo, Ivanka Trump smiles at President Donald Trump after he spoke at an event with small businesses at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 1, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/Jim Watson