• Ivanka Trump and Karlie Kloss "talk on a regular basis" but never about politics, a report claims
  • Trump was reportedly "hurt" by her recent tweets because they are "very close"
  • However, other insiders say Trump understands Kloss' views because they've had many political discussions

Ivanka Trump never talks politics with Karlie Kloss despite the model's claims that she tried to persuade her in-laws to accept the results of the 2020 election, a report says.

On Wednesday, Kloss took to Twitter with her thoughts on the violence at the Capitol that led to five deaths and multiple arrests, writing, "Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic. Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American." When asked by one Twitter user to tell her brother-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife this message, the model replied, "I've tried."

Kloss — who is currently expecting her first child — is married to Joshua Kushner, Jared's younger brother. When the first daughter caught wind of Kloss' tweets, a "friend of the family" told Page Six that Trump was "surprised and hurt."

"The tweet was brought to Ivanka’s attention and she was mostly surprised because they’re so close and talk on a regular basis, but never really about politics," the insider said. "Karlie likes to position herself publicly as an activist, yet she’s never approached Ivanka on any of the issues [the model has] championed like paid maternal leave, women in STEM and criminal justice reform."

The family friend went on to claim that it was "simply not true" that Kloss discussed her different views with Trump because while she is "public with her politics," she "privately shies away from discussing them."

"But they are very close and they really enjoy each other’s company, so Ivanka is hurt," the insider added.

Meanwhile, Kloss later stressed that she meant what she said in her tweet, the report said. Another source supported her statement that she did indeed discuss her political views with Trump.

"Ivanka understands Karlie’s views perfectly. They’ve had many political discussions contrary to what she and her team would have you believe," the tipster told Page Six.

The insider said the model was "proud" to campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020 and contributed financially to "Democratic campaigns across the country." The source also denied the claims that Trump and Kloss have a close bond, blaming the Trump administration for their distant relationship.

"She hasn’t had a close relationship with them [Jared and Ivanka] for quite some time due to the policies of the Trump administration," the source said. "I think Karlie feels it’s pretty unfortunate that this is what Ivanka is choosing to spend her time on while our democracy is facing a crisis fueled by this administration.”

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