Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump and her husband senior adviser Jared Kushner walk along the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Ivanka Trump, who launched her book “Women Who Work” Tuesday, received online backlash after she posted a video on Instagram of herself dancing with her two sons Thursday. Several users of the photo-sharing website accused the mother of three of staging the video in a bid to promote the book.

In the video, Ivanka is seen dancing with her sons 3-year-old Joseph and 1-year-old Theodore. She captioned the video: “Little moments matter, especially for working moms!! #TBT to an after-work dance party with my boys.”

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Along with the video, the 35-year-old also posted a link to a magazine article, which listed her experiences about her motherhood she wrote in “Women Who Work.”

Before the book was released, Ivanka — who is a senior adviser at the White House — said she would not be overly promoting her book because of ethics guidelines in her new role at Washington, D.C.

“In light of government ethics rules, I want to be clear that this book is a personal project. I wrote it at a different time in my life, from the perspective of an executive and an entrepreneur, and the manuscript was completed before the election last November. Out of an abundance of caution and to avoid the appearance of using my official role to promote the book, I will not publicize the book through a promotional tour or media appearances,” Ivanka wrote in a lengthy post on Facebook last month.

The video received over 877,000 views. However, Instagram users criticized the first daughter for the book and using the video to endorse it.

“I used to kind of like you. But now I see that you are truly your father's daughter — will do anything to promote herself. This is staged and fake. I wonder who is filming you? Some professional director I bet,” one user wrote in the comments section of the post.

Another user wrote: “If I had nannies and help with my kids while working full time I could dance around too. You have no idea what work life balance is like.”

“I am just calling her fake. ... She is using her children to advertise for her new book. What a disgrace,” one user stated.

“So fake. This is totally staged to convince people that she is an awesome working mom,” other Instagram user wrote.

However, some users also supported Ivanka and lashed out at the ones who criticized her.

“Wow ... people ! I have not seen so many negative and hateful comments ! Shame on y'all ! Specially women! I'm wondering where all this hate and nesting this comes from it has to be part of you people it has to be part of your heart such a sadness I feel sorry for you I'll listen please what are you saying and how toxic what you saying,” one of the users wrote.

“If ur gonna hate unfollow Ivanka stop complaining,” another user said.

“She's genuine and this is why I really like her. Great mom!,” a user wrote praising President Donald Trump’s daughter.

Only a few days after the book launched, critics slammed “Women For Work.”

"It is really vapid," Slate's columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote in a review.

At the time of writing, the book had an average of 1.5 out of five stars on Barnes & Noble website. On Amazon, the book had 2.8 out of five stars.

Ivanka said profits she makes on the book would be donated to charities, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The National Urban League, through her Ivanka M. Trump Charitable Fund.