A photo of the president’s first daughter Ivanka Trump “pretending” to be a scientist has gone viral.

The 36-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump was visiting a job training and science center in Iowa earlier this week when she got to play scientist for a day at one of her stops.

The first daughter donned a lab coat, latex gloves and safety goggles and reportedly tested the nicotine contents of “vape juice,” when the awkward photo was snapped.

The businesswoman, fashion designer, author and reality television personality described the tour as “amazing,” according to a Business Insider report.

“This is so amazing. This is such a cool place to come. It’s going to be hard to get rid of us,” she said.

The photo was then shared on Ivanka’s official social media channels Tuesday — and it did not take long for the jokes on social media to start pouring in.

The photo also sparked countless memes.

"Incredible visit to Waukee APEX, a center where high paying jobs are seamlessly linked with motivated and highly skilled students," Ivanka tweeted Monday. "Through hands-on learning and #WorkforceDevelopment the careers of tomorrow are being created today!"

According to CNN, she toured the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center alongside Gov. Kim Reynolds and students of the APEX program. During the tour, Ivanka visited a classroom for robotics, tested e-cigarette liquid for nicotine content, and also examined two-day-old zebra fish.

The photos that have spawned memes all over social media showed Ivanka testing "vape juice" using a pipette and beaker, while wearing goggles, gloves, and a white lab coat.

On social media, users did not miss the opportunity to poke fun at the image of the owner of her own eponymous women's clothing line getting her hands dirty.

Elle staff writer, R. Eric Thomas tweeted a snippet of a first-person parody article he wrote for the magazine of the first daughter's day in the lab coat.

"I love a theme so I can in high science drag," he joked, imitating her. "I was very ready to do the science!"

Even "The Cut" couldn't resist making a joke either.

"Ivanka Trump may not be qualified to serve in a presidential administration, but goddamn if she's going to let that stand in the way between her and a photo op," the outlet's handle tweeted.

But on a more serious note, the first daughter's photo op seemed to be criticized by some legit professionals.

"Hey @IvankaTrump it's great that you like to cosplay as a scientist on Instagram but some of us are an #ActualLivingScientist," tweeted a user named Holly, who according to her Twitter bio, describes herself as a former NASA employee.