Malcolm Goodwin as Clive
In a featurette for Season 3, episode 2 of “iZombie,” Cavanaugh (Robert Salvador) finds out that Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) had a deeper relationship with Wally (Mataeo Mingo) and his family. The CW

Cavanaugh (Robert Salvador) discovers how close Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) was to Wally (Mataeo Mingo) and his family in Season 3, episode 2 of “iZombie.”

In the “Inside iZombie” featurette for the episode, Cavanaugh finds out that Clive lied to him about his real relationship with Wally. Apparently, Clive initially told Cavanaugh that he only met Wally and his family by coincidence. But Cavanaugh obtained a photo of Clive with Wally and his mom that contradicts Clive’s previous claims.

“Here, Detective Clive, does this look like a chance encounter?” Cavanaugh asks Clive in the featurette as he shows him the picture.

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“[Cavanaugh] finds out that Clive knew this family, and starts asking Clive questions he doesn’t want to answer,” Goodwin said in the video.

As revealed at the end of the Season 3 premiere, Team Z can’t let Cavanaugh discover that there are hundreds of zombies roaming around Seattle, so it makes sense that Clive is very cautious of saying anything about Wally and his family, whom the detective suspects were killed by humans because they were zombies.

Although Clive won’t officially be working on the case due to his connection to the victims, he promised that he will solve it in his own time. “Someone’s gonna pay for this. That I promise,” Clive told Liv (Rose McIver) last episode.

In addition to investigating the murder of Wally and his family, Clive and Liv also look into a fatal car accident that killed a father and daughter in Season 3, episode 2. Also in episode, Peyton (Aly Michalka) shows interest in ending her disagreement with Ravi, while Major hits a road block in his search for Natalie (Brooke Lyons).

“iZombie” Season 3, episode 2, titled “Zombie Knows Best,” airs on Tuesday, April 11 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.