A video of a fight went viral on Friday after a young girl named Jaide tried to beat up another girl in the locker room.

"Jaide" became a trending topic on Twitter soon after the video was posted pnline.

The video shows Jaide trying to intimidate the bullying victim, initially asking, “If I touch you, you gonna hit me? [sic]," while putting her hand in front of the other girl’s face. Jaide’s friends proceed to encourage her to fight. When the fight begins, however, the bully, Jaide, is thrown off guard when she realizes her opponent can fight well.

Jaide is not able to even land a punch, as her friends stand around, surprised.

By the end of the video, Jaide is no longer interested in fighting the girl; however, her friends continue to tell her to fight. At one point, when the girl leaves, one of Jaide’s friends tell her to meet her outside and continue the fight.

Most people on Twitter had no sympathy for Jaide, saying she deserved to get beat up after trying to pick a fight with someone.

“I have no sympathy for that Jaide girl, how are you gonna try to bully someone, be surrounded by friends & still get beat up. you deserve it, [sic]” wrote @TiimzyHasAnEgo.

"How do you feel after the fight ... you probably don't want to experience that again huh?" @215_NuffSaid tweeted to Jaide.

Jaide’s Twitter account said that both she and the bullying victim were suspended from school after the incident.

Jaide reportedly was on probation before the fight occurred, and she will remain on probation until next January.