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  • Craig Duncan said James Corden was awful to him and many other people
  • Duncan wondered why celebrities get away with their attitude
  • Duncan said he has no personal issue with Corden but was concerned about the industry

Another person called out James Corden for his attitude.

Former television director Craig Duncan named Corden on his YouTube channel the most difficult person to work with when people kept asking him about it. He discussed his take in a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

"He's a bully. He was bullying me, I think," Duncan said of the late-night host. "He was truly awful to me and many other people... by all accounts. Why should celebs get away with it?"

Duncan claimed he got approached to work with Corden in 2013 on his British sports-comedy panel show "A League of Their Own." However, before filming with Corden, he was allegedly asked, "How are you working with difficult presenters?"

Duncan was positive that he could do the job. The production company reportedly invited him to a rehearsal just to "witness James at work." Things were worse when they filmed together.

When asked why he chose to expose Corden a decade later, Duncan said he had no personal issue with Corden but was more concerned about the industry.

"Its [sic] nothing personal about James Cordon. Its [sic] more how the industry harbors and feeds this kind of stuff. He may well have changed entirely and is a decent guy now... This is just my experience from my perspective and one I've shared with friends and family for years," he explained.

"I'm very happy to relay my experiences with [celebrities] – especially now the TV industry holds less power over us. The industry needs to change."

In his YouTube channel, the director said, "The most difficult and obnoxious presenter I've ever worked with is James Corden."

He also remembered how Corden allegedly dismissed pre-written jokes because he didn't find them funny. Corden allegedly yelled at him about the cameras and how to use them.

"I don't know, maybe he was having a bad day... but I definitely thought, 'Man, somebody wrote that, not nice,' but you know television isn't for the faint-hearted... Sometimes you have to take these knocks on the chin," he continued.

He concluded his video by saying, "Cheers, James. You got your way, well done... I hope I never, ever work with you again."

Duncan said the rest of the cast and crew were nice. He even complimented Jack Whitehall and Andrew Flintoff.

The former director is done with TV and feels more freedom to speak up about his experiences. He hasn't heard from Corden and is not down to talk to him.

"I wouldn't take the call if he even tried contacting me. I'm busy," he told the outlet.

In October, Keith McNally, the owner of the New York City restaurant Balthazar, called out the TV presenter for his allegedly abusive behavior toward his employees while eating there with his wife. McNally even said the celebrity was banned from the property.

Corden said he immediately called McNally, and they talked about the incident.

"We had a good talk. He appreciated the call. I was happy that we got to clear the air, and I felt like we dealt with it privately, you know?" Corden said. "But by this point, the story was out there, and people were upset."

He added, "As I said to the owner that day, that [if] I've ever upset anybody, ever, it was never my intention. It just wasn't. And I love that restaurant. I love the staff there. I hope I'm allowed in again one day. So when I'm back in New York, I can go there and apologize in person, which is something I will absolutely do."

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Grammy Award host James Corden poked fun at President Donald Trump during the show on Sunday night in New York City. Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS