The currently high U.S. unemployment rate may be a result of James Franco taking all the jobs.

The busiest man in Hollywood is set to take on yet another project. Franco is slated to produce a documentary on the fashion brand House of Gucci, which will focus on the company’s creative director, Frida Giannini, according to Variety.

Christina Voros will serve as the film’s director. Franco has worked with Voros on several films, including the documentary “kink” and the biopic “The Broken Tower.”

The Oscar-nominated actor has a long relationship with Gucci that goes back to 2008, when he became a spokesmodel for the brand.

In November, Franco directed two music videos based on songs on R.E.M.’s final album “Collapse Into Now.” Last year, he also appeared in “Spring Breakers” and “The Iceman,” which recently played the festival circuit and are set to make their debuts this year.

The actor has more than eight films in the pipeline for this year, including the action thriller “Homefront” and the Paul Haggis-directed romance “The Third Person.”

Franco also serves as the director and star of the forthcoming “As I Lay Dying” and “Child of God.”

The 34-year-old pulled triple duty at the Sundance Film Festival last month. “Lovelace,” featuring the actor as Hugh Hefner, screened at the annual event, as did “Interior. Leather Bar.,” which he co-directed with Travis Mathews. “Kink” also made its debut at the film fest in Park City, Utah.

Next month, Franco will appear as the title character in “Oz the Great and Powerful,” a prequel to “The Wizard of Oz” starring Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis.

Famous for being an overachiever, he is currently pursuing a doctorate at Yale University, while serving as a faculty member at the University of Southern California.

In a 2010 interview with New York magazine, Franco explained his reason for taking on multiple projects.

“Why not do as many things I love as I can? As long as the work is good,” he said.

“Good” wasn’t a word many used to describe the poem he released during U.S. President Barack Obama’s second inauguration last month, as reported by the New York Daily News.

Titled “Obama in Ashville,” the poem focuses on the first time he met the president -- prompting Jezebel’s Madeleine Davis to conclude “Handsome James Franco’s Inauguration Poem Is All About Handsome James Franco.”

Hopefully, Franco's forthcoming book of poetry, “Directing Herbert White,” will fare better.

‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ hits theaters March 8.