• Jana Kramer said her first Christmas following her divorce from Mike Caussin is "going to be rough"
  • Kramer revealed that she will have their kids with her on Christmas Eve this year
  • The country singer admitted that she has been "emotional" just thinking about putting up decorations

Jana Kramer expects her first Christmas following her divorce from ex-husband Mike Caussin to be difficult.

While promoting her Lifetime movie "The Holiday Fix Up" Monday, Kramer, 37, opened up about how her family's plans for Christmas will be different this year during an interview with Us Weekly.

The country singer and actress told the outlet she expects that the holidays are "not going to be easy" for all of them.

"I can honestly barely talk about it without getting emotional. It's going to be rough," Kramer explained.

The "One Tree Hill" alum filed for divorce from the former football player, 34, in April after five years of marriage. They finalized their divorce three months later. They share two children together: daughter Jolie, 5, and son, Jace, 2.

Kramer has custody of their two children for 240 days out of a year, while Caussin got 125 days. The "Dancing With the Stars" alum will have their kids with her on Christmas Eve this year, but this might not be the case for 2022.

"Next year I can't even think about not having them on Christmas Eve night. Instead of, kind of, future tripping, I'm like, 'OK, just take it day by day,'" Kramer shared.

Kramer noted that she is determined to give her children a great holiday no matter what she and her former husband are going through. For her, the holidays are "the hardest of the seasons to go through" following their split.

"I’m looking forward to it, but I’m scared of it too," she continued. "I want to do some of the same things that we’ve always done with the kids, which is like they [bake] cookies and decorate the tree together and open one gift on Christmas Eve."

While some of her family's traditions from when Caussin was still around will continue, the mother of two said that she plans to add an activity that is just for her and the kids.

Kramer also admitted that she has been "emotional" thinking about putting up decorations following her divorce. "I remember seeing the first Christmas lights and, in my head, I was like, 'Shoot, here we are.' It made me sad," she added.

Following their divorce, Kramer and Caussin have been doing their best to co-parent their kids well.

She previously revealed that they both agreed not to introduce their children to people they're dating unless the relationship is serious. According to the actress, they also try to never argue in front of their kids, and she also doesn't say "yes" to something when Caussin had already said "no."

"It's important to be on the same page," Kramer said of parenting.

Kramer's "The Holiday Fix Up" premieres on Lifetime on Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. EST. It will also be available to stream on demand and on starting Dec. 12.

Jana Kramer
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