Jane the Virgin
Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) will still appear in flashbacks in “Jane the Virgin.” The CW

“Jane the Virgin” Season 3 really broke a lot of hearts after it killed off Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) in Chapter Fifty-Four, and it’s really sad to see Dier leave the cast he has grown to love as family.

However, things are looking up for Michael fans because it seems like Dier is back. The show might be filming some flashback episodes because Dier was present when Gina Rodriguez, the actress who plays Jane Gloriana Villanueva, posted a cast selfie on Instagram.

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Show creator Jennie Snyder Urman did tell Vulture earlier that the show will still find ways to incorporate Michael into the storyline moving forward. So when asked if he’ll appear in flashbacks, she confirmed: “Oh, for sure. For sure. Exactly. In her fantasies. And you will feel him, I will say, very, very much, as we continue.”

Urman said she was just as heartbroken as everybody else when they filmed Dier’s last scene for the show, which was on the ferris wheel.

“There’s just an overwhelming love for Brett on our set and with our cast and crew, so it was really sad and hard. Everybody knew this was coming, so everybody had enough time to emotionally prepare, but it sucked. It still sucks,” she admitted. “We all just miss Brett everyday, so it sucks. There’s no other way around it.”

As for Dier, he told Entertainment Weekly that there’s one thing he would miss most about playing Michael.

“The love he has for Jane. The amount of love he has for Jane, and how sincere he was in that relationship. I’m going to miss that Michael and Jane relationship because I thought it was a really beautifully written relationship,” he said. “I also like the fun stuff with Rogelio (Jamie Camil). I liked the comedic moments that I got to do [and] the detective stuff was fun too.”

“Jane the Virgin” Season 3 will return on Monday, April 24 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.