The excitement for “Jane the Virgin” Season 3 is almost palpable, especially after lead star Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane Gloriana Villanueva, shared a cute photo of herself standing in between her two leading men, Brett Dier and Justin Baldoni, on her Instagram account (@hereisgina).

“Season 3. @entertainmentweekly with my boys! _,” the actress captioned the photo.

Entertainment Weekly also shared another photo of the three main stars on its Instagram account (@entertainmentweekly). In it, Rodriguez is laughing while being hugged by both Baldoni and Dier. “Hold on to your faves! The #JaneTheVirgin trio reunited for Season 3 and it's adorable! Click the link in our bio for the exclusive scoop on the crazy scenes, relationship drama and scandal ahead. _ _: @miss_ramona,” the photo caption reads.

As happy as those photos look, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman said in an interview that Michael (Dier) being shot in the Season 2 finale will still be a big issue when Season 3 starts. “Jane makes these big moves in terms of having to forget her own life and identity,” she said.

Even Rafael (Baldoni) will experience some changes. Since Jane chose Michael over him, Rafael will be adjusting to his life as Mateo’s father and Jane’s co-parent.

“Once he makes that change and isn’t head over heels for her any more, how does that change their relationship?” Urman said. “How does that affect their co-parenting? How does that change their dynamics in general? And what are they like without that yearning at the center? That’s going to be something we explore and twist in interesting ways.”

As for Michael, being in a coma gives the show more opportunities to witness the sweet beginnings of their relationship. “You’ll really get a deep dive into [what] Michael and Jane’s relationship was like in the beginning,” said Urman. “You’re going to learn a lot of surprising things.”