Jane the Virgin
Esteban Santiago (Keller Wortham) will be featured in several more episodes of “Jane the Virgin” Season 4. The CW

With a new nemesis to contend with, and fatherhood duties to conquer, Rogelio De La Vega (Jaime Camil) seemed to have forgotten all about his beef against his original nemesis - Esteban Santiago (Keller Wortham).

However, “Jane the Virgin” fans can still look forward to several scenes featuring Esteban for the rest of Season 4. “I am back peppering through the rest of the season, so he’ll be back,” the actor dished to Fansided.

Wortham also discussed his hilarious scenes in The CW show. Although he has nothing in common with his character, Wortham appreciates how Esteban was built up.

“‘Jane the Virgin’ is just really well written,” he gushed. “I really, honestly don’t consider myself that funny of a person, but the writing is just so funny that I don’t have to do much but commit to what’s there.”

Because of the show’s fantastic writers, Wortham said he doesn’t find it difficult to portray someone as arrogant and presumptuous as Esteban. “You can tell a lot about a character by their handling by the writers. Obviously your job is going to be to bring yourself to that character, but you really need the guideline of the writers. That facilitates it a lot,” he said.

Most of Esteban’s scenes are shot with Rogelio, but this Season 4 will introduce a new person for Rogelio to spar with - River Fields (Brooke Shields).

Shields will appear in five episodes, which would start on Feb. 9. Camil even gave the scoop on how they would start their fight. Apparently, Rogelio would be sharing details of his journey as a “danny” - a hybrid between dad and nanny - in social media. When he receives a mean comment from River, their argument goes viral.

“Being a ‘danny’ is already demanding enough, imagine having to deal with another nemesis the stature of Brooke Shields!” Camil told Yahoo News. “Rogelio struggles to be a ‘danny,’ and he tweets, ‘I think I’m having postpartum depression.’ And River [Shields’s character] attacks him on social media and calls him stupid, and they argue.”

“Jane the Virgin” Season 4 airs Fridays on The CW at 9 p.m. EST.