Tyler Posey
Tyler Posey is feeling the love on the “Jane the Virgin” set. In this photo, the actor poses backstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs) in Toronto on June 21, 2015. Reuters/Mark Blinch

Tyler Posey’s mysterious character Adam is all set to woo Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) when “Jane the Virgin” Season 4 premieres, and Posey is beyond thrilled to be a part of the cast.

In fact, Posey shared a sweet Instagram post stating that the “Jane the Virgin” crew is now his “new family.”

Posey has been cast for a recurring role, but fans actually have conflicting thoughts about this. Since Adam is Jane’s first love, fans are worried that she’ll fall back in love with him and forget her feelings for Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni).

The show’s creator and executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman hinted that this is inevitable, since the two are going to spend a lot of time together next season.

“He’s an illustrator of graphic novels, so he can illustrate and she can write -- they’ll have a collaboration at some point,” Urman told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s a little bit more of a youthful energy. Jane has had a lot of weight on her shoulders and this is somebody who’s going to be reminding her a bit that she’s 27 years old. He’s a little bit more adventurous than Jane is right now.”

At the same time, fans will get a glimpse into how Jane fell in love with him and why he disappeared from her life. “You’re going to need to know what his backstory is, why she never thought she’d see him again [and] why he was her first love. That’s going to take her on a real journey and obviously, there’s big history there,” Urman teased.

However, Urman told TV Line that fans need not be worried about Jane completely forgetting her baby daddy because Rafael is “still in it” for Jane’s heart. “Jane and Rafael is always going to be a major part of the show,” she said.

However, before making progress with Jane, Rafael still needs to deal with his feelings for his ex-wife, Petra (Yael Grobglas), because they have a lot of unfinished business.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 4 will return on Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. EDT.