Many people assume that the show “Jane the Virgin” from The CW revolves mainly on the storyline about lead character Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) losing her virginity.

Fortunately, the show has built up all of its characters and drove the focus away from sex and virginity. So now that Jane has lost her virginity to husband Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) this Season 3, there’s still many more material for the show to move around on.

Rodriguez told Yahoo! Style that Jane losing her virginity to her husband was everything she could have wanted for her character.

“I really wanted Jane to do it in the way she had maybe envisioned it when she was a child — the man that she loved and the man that she married,” she said. “So I was so happy that that’s the way it ended playing out. I was somewhat relieved because then we got to enter all these other storylines.”

Speaking of other storylines, Rodriguez is pretty excited for the next chapter in Jane’s life. She is now learning how to become a good wife, living outside of her Abuela’s (Ivonne Col) house, making it big as a writer, and so many other things.

“The show is about this girl going through life, and that just happens to be a really fun aspect of what made it interesting and a little different, and it made her holding on to her convictions such a powerful thing as a woman on television. So it’s nice that she also then moved into another chapter. I was desiring that myself for Jane,” said Rodriguez.

For now, Jane has to deal with her cousin Catalina (Sofia Pernas), who seems to be up to no good. Abel did not like Catalina, according to Romper, and it’s good enough reason for Jane to stay away from her.

Catalina has also started a relationship with Jane’s baby daddy Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni). According to Bustle, Catalina might have used Jane to get close to him. But for what reason?