• Paula suffered 100 knife wounds to her head and 200 wounds to her body 
  • Her identification was done through a tattoo and the watch she was wearing
  • Leather tormented his wife for the past 20 years, accusing her of having an affair 

A jealous husband who fatally stabbed his wife 300 times, badly disfiguring her body that it couldn't be identified, has been jailed for life.

George Leather, 60, left Paula Leather, 56, with over 100 wounds to her face and head, a UK court heard Friday.

Paula was found dead at their home in Prescot on Nov. 15, 2020, reports Liverpool Echo. Her face was so badly disfigured that formal identification was done through a tattoo and the watch she was wearing.

Leather, who was married to Paula for 34 years, used four different knives to stab her, breaking one knife after the other, before leaving her dead by the stairs. He then went upstairs to take a shower.

Paula's sister-in-law, who saw the body, called the police. On arrival, the police found Paula dead and covered in blood. Blood splatters were also seen on the floor, walls and kitchen. The police also recovered the broken knives, blades and handles.

The Liverpool Crown Court was told how Leather was with Paula for more than 40 years and shared three adult children and one grandchild. However, for more than 20 years, Leather had accused his wife of having affairs. Witnesses told the court that he was "extremely jealous and possessive" and often denied his wife contacts with friends and family. He also resorted to damaging and destroying property in fits of rage.

Prosecutor Gordon Cole told the court that there was no evidence to prove Paula had an affair. "She stood by the defendant and always tried to talk through as it was described the issues that he had," he told the court.

Though Leather initially denied the murder and was set to stand trial, he changed his plea to guilty Friday and was jailed for life.

He told the court that they argued, during which he punched her, knocking her to the floor. But, Leather couldn't explain how he had become so violent. He told the court that she had been "unfaithful."

Leather's lawyer Julian Nutter told the court that Leather had no previous convictions and had spared his family the ordeal of a trial by pleading guilty.

Nutter said an inebriated Leather lost his temper on "the belief that his wife was having an affair." He also accepted that the three psychiatric reports had nothing to support a defense of diminished responsibility.

While sentencing him, judge Andrew Menary said: "It was an episode of unspeakable and barbaric savagery."

Menary also made an indefinite restraining order preventing Leather from contacting his children, Paula's sister, his brother and his wife.

The couple's three adult children, who were present at the sentencing, read out powerful and moving statements, lashing out at their dad for controlling their mum and taking her life in a savage attack.

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