Jeannie Mai Jenkins has openly discussed her breastfeeding struggles in a new video she uploaded on her YouTube channel, "Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai."

In the clip posted Friday, the 43-year-old first-time mom detailed how she struggled to squeeze milk from her breasts that seemed to be producing little to no milk.

Mai Jenkins said she initially asked friends for advice. She then read up on her concern, which led her to buy different kinds of vitamins, supplements and herbal teas to help her produce milk for her baby girl.

"Three weeks went by of doing this every day for about eight times a day. So imagine eight times a day, every single day, seven days a week for three weeks. I was not producing any milk. At some point, the colostrum settles and then the breast milk is supposed to come in. Well, my breast milk wasn't coming in." she recalled.

"The Real" co-host eventually resorted to using a breast pumping machine for five weeks. Unfortunately, this only made her more frustrated.

"All I was doing around the clock — even through my sleep by the way, 24 hours a day — was trying to take my vitamins, drink my tea, chew my gummies, and pump milk. And nothing was coming out. It was maybe about an ounce," she explained.

"This was really, really, really upsetting. You feel so defeated when your baby's hungry, you're not producing enough for the baby. You're seeing all these commercials and other women and even Instagram showing these amazing pictures of moms bonding with their kid and breastfeeding their babies, actually just getting really frustrated," she continued.

Mai Jenkins also shared that she experienced mastitis, which was relieved when she used hot compresses and hot water in the shower. She said it was a trick she learned from friends and some videos on YouTube.

"It just took my body time to actually settle in and relax and get into this even if it meant taking six weeks. I was stressing every day... Every day, every three hours you're reminded that it's not working for you," she said further.

The celeb wrapped up her video by asking her viewers to talk about their breastfeeding journeys. She also thanked viewers for not judging her, saying, "Thank you for not judging me because I am learning, and I am open to learning more."

Mai Jenkins made headlines in January when she gave birth to Monaco, whom she shares with her husband Jeezy.

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