Attorney General Jeff Sessions, then a senator, takes his seat to resume his testimony during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for his nomination to become U.S. attorney general on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Jan. 10, 2017. Reuters

After revelations came out Wednesday evening that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had spoken to a Russian ambassador while on the Senate Armed Services Committee last year — but did not disclose that information during his confirmation hearing in January — Sessions’ name has dominated the news cycle. But this isn’t the first time he’s been in the center of controversy.

During the process of his confirmation hearing, accusations from the 1980s of Sessions’ racism boiled back to the surface. Last month, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was silenced after she tried to read a 1986 letter from the late Coretta Scott King urging Congress to reject Sessions a federal judgeship position. “Mr. Sessions has used the awesome powers of his office in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters,” King wrote.

Sessions is also one of many of President Donald Trump’s very wealthy Cabinet members. An attorney by profession, he was estimated to be worth $7.5 million in 2014, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit that tracks campaign finance data. That’s risen steadily over the years. In 2010, he had an estimated net worth of $6.8 million — $4.2 million more than the median senator net worth that year. And in 2004, Sessions’ net worth was about $2 million.

Much of that wealth came from investments in the stock market, and specifically real estate investment, according to the Washington Post. Most of his assets —$5.3 million — were in real estate in 2010. He also held nearly $1 million in mutual funds.

Sessions, whose full name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, also owned 1,100 acres of land that he received as an inheritance from his mother and aunt in 2009. He owned about $2 million worth of land, which has contributed to his wealth. Not only that, but Sessions reportedly earns anywhere from $115,000 to over $1 million per year from the sale of timber on his land.