One California microbrew has begun using its own product to spread a popular conspiracy regarding the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein. Tactical Ops Brewing, a military-themed craft beer brewery based out of Fresno, has released a batch of their Basher Oatmeal Stout with the phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself printed on the bottom.”

Only the current batch, consisting of about 54 packs of the beverage, will feature the message.

Speaking with media about the controversial move, the brewery’s manager, Carlos Tovar, made that decision sound more like a publicity stunt than any attempt to spread a belief.

“I was like, ‘hey, what if we do this?’” Tovar explained. “And uh, on our basher can that we're doing, we put in an ‘Epstein didn't kill himself’ because you know, it's a big thing right now.”

The conspiracy surrounding the death of Epstein, a disgraced financier accused of trafficking underage girls, escalated to new heights recently when a new autopsy conducted by Michael Baden and commissioned by Epstein’s brother concluded that his death was likely a homicide, not a suicide, as the official autopsy had reported.

Many were already suspicious of the situation, as Epstein was expected to name numerous powerful individuals who he had furnished with young girls over the years during his trial. The specific phrase, “Epstein didn’t kill himself,” has even become something of a meme on social media.

For now, the beverages will only be on sale at the brewery’s physical location.

Next week, Tactical Ops will release cans with a much less controversial message emblazoned on the bottom: “Happy Birthday Marines.