Continuing investigations into an older sentence for deceased accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is adding new questions about his first prison sentence.

According to the ongoing coverage of the Miami Herald, a purchase log kept by the disgraced financier during a previous prison sentence in 2008 reveals that he was able to purchase women’s underwear, an especially concerning fact given that he was charged with sexually abusing underage girls.

“But the panties raise questions about why a childless male inmate, accused of sexually abusing girls as young as 14, would be allowed to buy female undergarments so small that they wouldn’t fit an average-sized adult woman,” the Herald reported.

The presence of female inmates at Epstein’s facility explains why such items were available for purchase, but just why someone with his charges was allowed to obtain them remains unanswered.

Earlier in August, the handling of this earlier case became the subject of scrutiny for the soft handling of a criminal on the level of Epstein’s level. After receiving a lenient 18-month prison sentence, the Palm Beach County Sheriff signed off on a work release order, allowing Epstein to be driven to the offices of his own non-profit where he worked 12 hours a day.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has ordered a criminal probe to look into how state law enforcement handled Epstein's work release.