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Jenelle Evans MTV

Jenelle Evans seems ready at last to move on from her past. The 22-year-old reality TV veteran is eight months pregnant with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith’s son and just recently filed for divorce from estranged husband Courtland Rogers.

In North Carolina, people cannot file for divorce until they have been separated for a year. So though it seemed to everyone that the “Teen Mom 2” star had clearly moved on, she wasn’t legally allowed to break away from Rogers, until now.

“Jenelle is only seeking a divorce from Mr. Rogers at this time,” her lawyer Dustin R.T. Sullivan said in a statement to E! News shortly after the filing. “She is not seeking any support of any kind. She is looking forward to a new chapter in her life.”

During an interview with MTV News, Evans said she started having problems with Rogers only a month after the wedding. She said she was unaware of his long history with drugs or the multiple felonies on his record. Evans said he constantly lied to her and that his social media profiles and phone were off-limits to her. Their time together didn’t last long and in January 2013 she filed four counts of assault on a female and two counts of battery of unborn child against Rogers.

But Evans now believes she has found her match in Griffith. "I really found the love of my life and that he's my best friend, and I'm just happy my mom is there to support me and my relationship, my pregnancy, everything," she had told E! News.

That doesn’t mean her life is without controversy. The reality star was recently scrutinized after she and her lover appeared at a bar and took pictures with fans. Some Twitter users said she had no business being at a bar since she’s eight months pregnant. Not one to shy away from confrontation, Evans took to her 140-character social media account to respond to the naysayers, according to Radar Online.

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