Well, the way isn't that far! Canadian beauty queen Jenna Talackova's struggle to participate in international beauty pageant for women has opened new doors for other transgender women like her.

She fought for her right till it was granted and today she is again a part of Miss Universe Canada... the same pageant that booted her out on the basis of her gender.

Agreed! She wasn't a naturally born female, but now is a beautiful, talented young woman, a perfect beauty queen who stands a fair enough chance to win the pageant.

She was thrown out citing some vague beauty pageant rule that says contestants should be born a girl, which Jenna wasn't. She underwent a sex change operation just when she felt strongly about her femininity from inside.

Likewise, there are several other transgender females who are women from every perspective, just that their fate played a spoil sport.

Dayana Saucedo, a Bolivian transgender is one among those with bigger dreams. She intends to participate in Miss Bolivia beauty pageant and proudly represent her nation in Miss Universe.

Of course I want to compete, I would love to become Miss Santa Cruz, Miss Bolivia and go to Miss Universe. I have the same rights as other women to represent my country Dayana told a local newspaper El Deber.

Dayana opened up on her desires after recently learning about the new rule of Miss Universe beauty pageant.

The new policy permits all women, including transgender women, without any disparity, to compete in Miss Universe from the upcoming pageant.

The aspiring beauty queen even asked the organizers of the annual beauty pageant to open their mind, to accept us because we are a reality and we exist.

She also underwent a sex-change operation and is trying to get a legal acceptance for the same.

Like any other girl, Dayana is ambitious and also plans to marry a man in future.

Well, looking at the new policy change for the international pageant, it seems that her dreams can come true very soon.