• Jennifer Aniston was previously accused of destroying Justin Theroux and Heidi Bivens' relationship
  • Heidi Bivens' reportedly warned Jennifer Aniston against Justin Theroux
  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux ended their marriage amicably

Jennifer Aniston has been accused of destroying Justin Theroux’s long-term relationship with Heidi Bivens.

Before Aniston and Theroux crossed paths years ago, the latter had been dating Bivens for over a decade. But shortly after, Theroux ended his relationship with Bivens, and he and Aniston suddenly became serious.

On Twitter, some netizens accused the “Friends” star of being a homewrecker. The same allegations were directed at Angelina Jolie, who was accused of destroying Aniston and Brad Pitt’s marriage.

“Jennifer Aniston homewrecker too. Justin Theroux had a long-time girlfriend and she made him break up the relationship. Stop blaming the women. Man is no saint,” Twitter user @Carlfssanntty said.

Even though Theroux and Bivens’ relationship ended suddenly, the latter still gave Aniston a wonderful piece of advice while she was still with the “American Psycho” star.

Bivens' close friend previously told The Sun that the designer warned Aniston about Theroux.

“Heidi warned Jen and said, ‘Don’t believe you will have him for good.’ She told her that he was a ‘free spirit,’ who wasn’t impressed with the trappings of fame,” the source said.

Bivens also told her friend that Theroux actually hated Hollywood because he thinks it’s vacuous. But the insider claimed that Theroux and Bivens’ relationship was already struggling because he met Aniston.

One of the things that Bivens struggled to come to terms with was how Theroux would get immersed in his roles and become the characters that he is portraying.

Following the alleged advice to Aniston, Bivens was accused of destroying “The Morning Show” star and Theroux’s marriage. But until today, Aniston and Theroux have not confirmed or denied this claim.

In 2016, the former couple released a joint statement announcing their decision to go their separate ways. While speaking with The New York Times, Theroux also said that his marriage to Aniston ended amicably.

The actor also said that there’s no animosity between him and his ex-wife. Theroux described the split as the most gentle separation he’s had.