• Jennifer Aniston likes groupies but not selfie
  • She shared her favorite margarita recipe
  • Aniston remains friends with her exes Brad Pitt and John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston answered some dumb and personal questions for Interview’s cover story.

The “Murder Mystery” star graced Interview’s cover for March. She also sat down with creative director Mel Ottenberg to answer dumb questions.

In the short clip, Aniston was asked various questions, which she got candid about. Among the questions asked was about Aniston rescuing animals. She confessed that if she could rescue all of them, she would. It’s not a secret that the actress loves dogs. In fact, she is quarantining with her fur baby, gray schnauzer mix Clyde.

In March, she shared a snap of her pet who seemed to be in a deep reflective moment on her Instagram Story. In the photos, Clyde tossed his toy aside and had his back on the camera.

“Clyde having deep quarantine thoughts,” Aniston wrote in the caption, along with puppy paw prints, face with a mask, a thinking face and a heart emoji.

Aniston also shared her thoughts about selfies, revealing that she is actually not a fan of it.

“I don’t quite get them,” Aniston said about those who keeps on sharing selfies. “I mean I understand them but I think we’ve become a generation of selfies and that’s not great.”

“I like a group selfies like a bunch of selves together, I enjoy that” Aniston continued, while elaborating her point using hand gestures. She then acts as if she were about to take a selfie and added, “But this, not so.”

Aniston also mentioned she took karate class once but she got hurt. When asked to make a choice between New York and Los Angeles. She said she loved New York because she grew up there. However, California is her new home. She concluded that she likes both.

For her drinks, Aniston said she loves margarita that is not too sweet. “No cointreau, no sugar. Margarita with just lime juice, tequila blanco shaken really aggressively so that it dilutes it slightly and then it’s just it. It’s really hard to get the perfect come and salt, half salt on the rim,” she said.

In related news, Aniston remains friends with her exes Brad Pitt and John Mayer. An insider said that the “Gravity” singer have a deep admiration and respect for the actress. Meanwhile, she has an “unbreakable bond” with Pitt.