Rumors of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt dating had gone viral all over the internet and whilst the “Friends” alum faces this issue; another controversy came to the surface. Aniston and ex Justin Theroux might reportedly appear in court following their recent reunion.

The investigation surrounding Carmel Musgrove’s death is ongoing and since the tragedy happened on the night of Aniston and Theroux’s honeymoon party, the former flames may reportedly be summoned to court as witnesses.

The news broke when an anonymous insider allegedly told The National Enquirer that Musgrove’s family wanted to include Aniston, 50, in the witness list, New Idea reported. The report further indicated that legal experts concurred that the “Murder Mystery” actress and “The Spy Who Dumped Me” actor would —most likely— be called to testify since they were also there at the party.

Royal Oakes, a legal analyst in L.A., reportedly said that the lawyer of the Musgroves would probably do the impossible just to get a testimony from Aniston and Theroux because of possibility that they have information relevant to case.

Aniston married Theroux in 2015, a decade after parting ways with Pitt. The former couple’s friends and colleagues, including film producer Joel Silver and Musgrove, attended the celebration in Bora Bora.

Musgrove was Silver’s assistant who allegedly drank with him before she disappeared and found floating 500 yards away from her bungalow 2 days later —nude and dead.

The night of fun for Aniston and Theroux honeymoon party ended with tragedy. While there were a lot of speculations surrounding Musgrove’s death, there were also reports that alcohol consumption, drug use, heat stroke and fatigue contributed to her untimely death.

There were allegations as well that on the night of Aniston and Theroux’s honeymoon party, Musgrove was with Martin Herold, Silver’s personal chef. She allegedly left his bungalow around 11 P.M. of August 18, 2015. Her body was found dead on August 20, 2015.

Two years later, in 2017, her parents filed a lawsuit against Silver and personal chef, Martin Herold.

After which, the authorities began questioning Aniston and Theroux about the unfortunate event. There was a delay in the trial because Herold allegedly went missing.

Subpoenas were recently sent to people who were at Aniston and Theroux’s party. Silver’s family was there too, including his kids, who were minors at that time. He said that the Musgrove family demanded they sit for deposition, The Blast reported.

The case is ongoing. Aniston and Theroux’s giving out testimonies or standing as witnesses are not yet confirmed.