Jennifer Garner did not perform an exorcism on her ex-husband Ben Affleck before he entered rehab.

A tabloid recently described the “Peppermint” actress as saintly and bible-toting and said that Garner performed a dramatic exorcism on Affleck at home. An unnamed source said that since Garner’s spirituality helped her through some of the most difficult times in her life, she hopes that it would do the same for the actor.

“Jennifer dragged Affleck inside a house and began to recite passages and scripture from the Bible aimed at delivering Ben from his addiction demons. As she prayed, Ben began to cry and collapse,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop, a rumor-debunking site, slammed the report. The publication noted that Garner did not perform an exorcism on Affleck. And even though the “13 Going On 30” star is a religious person, she never imposed her fate on Affleck.

Additionally, Garner regularly goes to church with her three children. Even after she divorced Affleck, the ex-couple still went to church together. Garner was also instrumental in helping her ex-husband get the help and treatment that he needs to battle alcohol addiction, but this doesn’t mean that she performed an exorcism on him.

In recent weeks, a video of Garner talking to the paparazzi went viral. In the short clip, the actress approaches a group of photographers waiting to take pictures of Affleck while he was going to his car. Garner asked the paparazzi to give them privacy, and she said that her family is already going through so much at the moment.

One of the male photographers agreed to give Garner and Affleck privacy, and his voice can be heard in the video. After the encounter, Garner rode the car and drove Affleck to a rehab facility. They were photographed next after Garner bought drive through to Affleck, and she was seen handing the brown bag to him at the back of her car.

Affleck and Garner’s divorce was finalized last month. According to E! News the settlement will be filed in court after Affleck exits rehab.